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Help (Nature) Deck Out the Feathered Pipe Ranch!

Feathered Pipe Nature DeckCanceling our summer 2020 programs created profound hardship and an unprecedented opportunity. Without guests to host on the property in the summer, we had the luxury of a little more time to brainstorm. We strolled the property and imagined how we could enhance the guest experience when the friends that we missed so much this summer return.

As we walked the land, we talked about how teachers and workshop attendees have long appreciated the allure of our outdoor grounds. They tell us how much the land, air, and sky of the Feathered Pipe weave an ineffable quality of healing and inspiration into the week.

We agree, of course. The natural world at the Ranch endows us with a bounty of visual, sound, tactile, and olfactory gifts. A sparkling spring-fed lake, expansive Rocky mountain scenery, the melody of birdsong and bubbling creeks, rare wildflowers, and aromatic whispering pines. We asked ourselves, “How can we increase access to and appreciation of all this? Can we bring people in even more direct, unfiltered relationship with the healing elements of the land itself?

And so in the summer of 2020, answers came and our newest Ranch improvement project idea came into being.


The Feathered Pipe Ranch ‘Nature Deck.’

Feathered Pipe Nature DeckFeathered Pipe Ranch’s ‘Nature Deck.’ is envisioned as an aesthetically and environmentally-sensitive, open-air practice space immersed in Nature’s grandeur. It certainly won’t supplant our beautiful Main Lodge practice room, but it offers an appealing alternative for practice and gathering on weather-friendly days. It can also serve as a charming site for impromptu group circles, outdoor meditation, and a variety of other nourishing practices. Who knows? Even perhaps the occasional outdoor concert?

We know we have asked a lot from our supporters this year. Words cannot begin to capture the depth of our gratitude for the scores of generous donors that are seeing us through these most difficult times so we can offer a sanctuary to nourish the best in the human heart. And? We are asking for your help us make this dream a reality.

Feathered Pipe Nature DeckIt will reap dividends in the form of an enhanced experience for our guests for years to come.

After surveying the property and exploring options, we’ve identified an ideal, relatively flat spot on the western hillside above the lake. It affords an airy, often breezy, dappled shaded area with a 360-degree view of the most captivating features of the Ranch: the lake, the stupa, mountain ridges, and forest. It is accessed via a very short, groomed trail that winds upslope from the creek footbridge.

The Feathered Pipe Nature Deck will have a low-to-the ground profile to harmonize with the landscape and incorporate existing rock and tree features that blend with the land. See location and images here.

After soliciting bids for this work, we estimate that the total cost to complete The Nature Deck is $20,000. Will you kindly consider helping to make it happen?

Good News…We have reached our fundraising goal and then some! Thank you from the depth of our communal heart for your belief in us. We are manifesting a new day. Stay tuned here for more updates and images of our Nature Deck!