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FPF Marissa-Kanduri Helping Hands Initiative Application Form

Made possible thanks to generous support from Sudhanshu Kar (“Sudz”), FPF Helping Hands provides financial support to core members of our hardworking and passionate team in education-related endeavors and self-initiated projects that align with and enhance the Foundation’s values and needs.


FPF Helping Hands underwrites up to $500 per person annually of the costs of outside educational and Foundation-enhancing endeavors for seasonal staff to include, for example: participation in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation training; furthering their education in matters related to global sustainability, nonprofit work, and reverence for preserving the natural world; involvement in social justice initiatives; healthy food preparation; regenerative agriculture; creative expression through arts that enhance personal development and reflect FPF values; and securing supplemental training in techniques and modalities that align with the values, needs and mission of the Feathered Pipe Foundation.


Feathered Pipe Foundation Helping Hands Application Form

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Have you worked at least 160 hours over the course of more than 6 weeks for the Feathered Pipe Foundation in the period between April 15 and October 31, 2023? *

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Please expect to receive further communication concerning your application soon. If for any reason you may have questions or concerns, please contact us at info@featheredpipe.com.

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