The Guiding Light of Truth - Feathered Pipe Foundation

The Guiding Light of Truth – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Dear Friends,

India’s grand epic Mahabharata says that in the first age of man, the bull of dharma will stand on four legs. Each represents and is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam as a pillar of virtue: austerity, cleanliness, mercy, and truth. In the Hindu calendar’s Kali Yuga, the last age of man, the bull will be left standing on one leg representing truth.

In the uncertainty and strangeness of these times, the light that can guide our way is the beacon of truth. We can sense it if we attune ourselves to its vibration and glow. Truth has its own frequency and warmth. We know it when we experience it, whether it’s in the words, actions, or presence of another — or simply within ourselves. Its resonance is never forgotten. It is who we are.

We encourage you on the cusp of this new season to look for it within your days, in the people you meet, and in your own thoughts and being. It has a resonant and illuminating power that can guide the way forward on your unique and beautiful version of life’s journey. Your willingness to look for it can inspire the same in others.

The Dandelion Effect

The Guiding Light of Truth - Feathered Pipe FoundationWith this, we offer the latest edition of “The Dandelion Effect” podcast  — a profoundly inspiring conversation with Cho Cho Lwin, a dear friend of India, VJ Supera, and the Feathered Pipe community. Cho Cho immigrated to Montana from Myanmar with family with a strong desire for a better life for her daughters and the freedom she had struggled for since childhood.

Cho Cho shares her experience of growing up in the male-dominated culture of her homeland, and of the fiery and indomitable spirit that found avenues forward amid roadblocks. She tells of how education and moving with love, hope, and laughter against all odds have brought her to living her life in her way, building educational facilities in Southeast Asia, specifically in remote regions of Myanmar. Join us for “A Woman’s Journey to Love & Liberation.”

Feathered Pipe Kitchen

We are also excited to offer another installment from the Feathered Pipe Kitchen. Heidi Goldman, who was one of the core members of the Feathered Pipe founding group, shares a fun “Classic Caesar Salad with a Twist” recipe. Enjoy and share with your friends. There are plenty more creative and delicious additions on the way!


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Feathered Pipe Foundation

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