Walk with Us: Supporting each other in these times

Dearest All,

We hope in these very strange times that life finds you at home, safe and with family. Possibly in the midst of all the discord and disorder that the internet has come to accentuate, we may now have the opportunity to find deeper value and richness within what it was originally supposed to offer – a supportive “inter-web” for communication and interconnection.

Supporting Our Community

With this in mind, we are inviting you all to join us within our online community. In the coming weeks we intend to showcase our teachers both past and present. Many of them are actively sharing their teachings on the internet via videos, podcast, articles and livestreams in the hopes that they can support you during these trying times. Most of them, as well, are completely dependent upon their teaching for their day-to-day sustenance, so please do support their online offerings and share with your friends and family!

As tomorrow seems to be so unknown and unpredictable currently, we have decided the best way in which we can support you as our friends and family is to not overburden you with worry or concern about this summer. For those of you who have already registered for a retreat program this summer, we will be postponing all final registration payments until at least May 1st. As we get closer to that date, we will reassess how best we can assist and support our community.

Feathered Pipe Yoga - Heidi GoldmanWalk With Us

Walk with us through these times. The community and shared practices we have explored together at the Feathered Pipe Ranch throughout these past 45 years will see us through. Put faith in that. (Check out founding group member, Heidi Goldman’s wonderful interview for our Feathered Pipe archive project.)

Ultimately, that is what community is all about and what India desired so much to inspire – tomorrow’s leaders who would take what they discovered and practiced at the Ranch out into the world, and manifest a more loving, kind, peaceful and inclusive world community.


Love & Faith,
Feathered Pipe Foundation