Sharing the Vibe - Feathered Pipe Foundation

Sharing the Vibe – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Dear Friends,

Greetings from heart of the summer retreat season at the Feathered Pipe Ranch! We were blessed with another sudden downpour the day before yesterday. Our skies now are a glorious azure blue, and the aspen meadows remain verdant green and cool. So cool that one of our larger, fur-covered friends has taken up residence there!

We wanted to share a bit more of the vibe here, with a wonderful piece of artistry that one of Judith’s guests presented during their annual Follies. Enjoy!

~ Feathered Pipe Foundation


Embodied Communication through Yoga Souffle

Sharing the Vibe - Feathered Pipe FoundationA souffle is a signature French dish named from a derivative of the French verb “souffler” which means to blow or to inflate… This dish is meant to inflate your quality of life and enrich you soul….

Pre-heart yourself and open space in your kitchen of life by remaining still and in silence for 1 minute.

Begin by filling the vessel of your head, heart, body and soul with the following:

A consistent dose of Yoga Asana – Yoga Asana is the critical element of this recipe, as it prepares the vessel to invite energy through the residue it leaves in our nervous system, like finger licks in the bowl of batter. We practice yoga asana to point to the potential to a shift in the state of our consciousness. What we learn in Asana, we carry into the world.

Fold into the mix alignment, as alignment recognizes the innate wisdom of the body.

Douse your vessel with the fierce willingness to be in the present moment. Be radically present, whether it bring you joy, suffering, sorrow, etc… The puffiness and empty space of this delicacy will be lost if you dwell on the past or future. This souffle requires presence in all of your daily actions and interactions.

Fold in the knowledge that refuge is not a location, but rather an intention. Add more than enough Intention to the mix, combined with attention. Step back to observe where your attention is going. Then, with intention, choose a value in the present moment. It is not a matter of whether I am practicing yoga or not. The question is “What does my yoga look like today”?

Sprinkle in Sensation, for it is only in the present moment that we feel sensation. As with the egg, separate sensation from the tyranny of thought. Add sensation to the mix, but discard the thoughts.

Sharing the Vibe - Feathered Pipe FoundationNever forget to remain aware of the breath, for it steadies the brain.

Put in a dollop of empathy for yourself for every riffle in your life, and share that empathy with others, for the empathy is magic for this souffle. Just as beaten egg whites bring bubbles and air to the souffle, empathy can bring ease and lightness to those around you.

If the mix looks too complacent, go out on the limb, and try something new every day.

Stir this mix all together with all your heart until a gentle soft glow appears in your vessel, till your heart has opened wide, and your mind is quiet and still. Set aside.

Finally, let all the flavors of the souffle meld together in the pre-hearted oven of Savasana. This will cool the vessel down and allow it to experience relaxation, relief, ease that arises, but is always there. Set timer for 20 minutes or more for Savasana to integrate all the nourishing ingredients of the Asana. You will know the souffle is cooking when the body sleeps and the mind watches. Know that Savasana not only shifts us, but it shifts the world around us…

To serve this beautiful souffle, you can gently and intentionally adorn it with your choice of any of the following final touches:

Exquisite delectable delights found only at the Feathered Pipe Ranch, such as tofu patties, potato latkes, lunchtime chocolate chip cookies, orange cake, or decadent chocolate torte, that is “to be eaten with a spoon…”

Sharing the Vibe - Feathered Pipe FoundationYou can choose quiet reflection in the magic of this natural place, stroll around the lake or hike on one of the local trails.

Or perhaps, share your souffle cooking experiences with your new tribe and carry all of the fond memories home.

An absolute must topping for this souffle, that cannot be omitted, is the overwhelming sense of gratitude to Crystal, Johnny, Howard, Eric, Matt and all of the sweet and loving staff who so willingly shared their home and contributed to this nourishing dish. And for the finishing touches, you can thank the source of the recipe, Judith, for all her words of wisdom, quick wit, laughter and lessons on how to keep this souffle in your life forever.

Savor every bite of your life….As my mom used to say when she ate something delicious “Burn my clothes, I’m going to heaven…”


Katie Van Dorn

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