Sharing the Infinite - Crystal Water

Sharing the Infinite – Crystal Water

Dear Feathered Pipe Friends,

There is nothing quite so humbling as gazing up at a dark night sky packed with stars. We reflect in that moment how insignificant we—with our ego-driven problems—are against the backdrop of the infinite. Yet we are simultaneously an integral part of. It brings us comfort and humility.

We’d like to share two gems with you to virtually transport you to a state of equanimity.

Forest Walk

Sharing the Infinite - Crystal WaterOne is the debut of our Art, Music, & Poetry of the Feathered Pipe series. “Forest Walk” is a poem by Judith Hanson Lasater that was inspired by her nocturnal venture at Feathered Pipe. Coupled with awe-inspiring images, Judith’s words lead us through an archetypal journey we have all experienced in some fashion—navigating the unknown, being in the dark, alone, afraid, and exposed, but through grounding presence finding comfort, belonging, security, and home.

The Dandelion Effect

The next is the latest episode of The Dandelion Effect podcast with Gary Lemons, poet, tree-planter, and long-time friend of Feathered Pipe. He talks of how the perfect balance exists within the infinite and how poetry, which is really another form of meditation, can help us connect to that. Gary shares his life’s journey, his poetry, and how he profoundly experienced the freedom of forgiveness. Join us for “Finding Freedom through Forgiveness.”

While neither may quite be the same as actually gazing at the galaxy from the Feathered Pipe among friends, they are wonderful and accessible proxies. We hope to share a forest walk and star gaze with you soon at the Ranch.


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water


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