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Overflowing with Gratitude – Crystal Water

“Fortunately, there are such things as miracles, crazy wisdom, and the greatness that comes from not realizing you are trying to do the impossible.”

~ India Supera


Dearest Friends,

The outpouring of love and gratitude from people India guided or helped in life has been filling our souls. Friends from her whole life have come out of the woodwork and back into our lives simply to say, “Thank you, India” and describe how their experiences with her and the Ranch changed them and helped set them on a positive life’s path.

Admittedly, it was no small task to take over her correspondence and scheduling of visitors, especially when death was near and she was inundated with LOVE, but it was heartwarming and inspiring. Feathered Pipe friends set up their own altars, performed religious ceremonies and lit candles worldwide to ensure she had a smooth transition and received her last rites in pretty close to all traditions.

We continue to experience this wave—or more aptly described—tsunami of gratitude and love after her passing. This is helping us turn the pain of our grief into a super-power, energizing and motivating us to continue in India’s honor. What else can I say but THANK YOU.

Thank you for being with us on this journey, for coming to the Ranch and telling your stories.
Thank you for your kind words, meals, cards, love and donations.
Thank you for giving us the strong will to carry on and do great things.
Thank you for being YOU!

I am extremely grateful to my family for navigating with me through the dying process, grateful that we could be there with India through it all and help her die like a queen (or a saint), grateful that we could share so many intimate moments together.

My deep gratitude also extends to all the Feathered Pipe staff (past and present), the dedicated Feathered Pipe Board members (present and past) and to those who have volunteered or worked at greatly reduced rates to help us be where we are today.

Thank you for having confidence and faith in me to lead us on the Feathered Pipe path. My husband pointed out that we may have to climb over a big log or take a detour around a fallen tree, but that will just add to the adventure.

My spirit is simply overflowing with optimism for the future. Happy Thanksgiving.


With love and gratitude,

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