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Ongoing Miracles and Crazy Wisdom – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Dearest Friends,

Our beloved founder, India Supera, was once asked how Feathered Pipe overcame obstacles that sometimes seemed insurmountable. She famously answered, “Fortunately, there are such things as miracles, crazy wisdom, and the greatness that comes from not realizing you are trying to do the impossible.”

That faith has infused our work for decades. It has never been more important than now, amid our shared grief over India’s passing, when faith in the possibility of “miracles and crazy wisdom” leavens our heartache. The fact that the cosmic tumblers can indeed fall into place is manifesting in two ways today. We feel it in our shared and rejuvenated commitment to continue where our India left off in nourishing the Feathered Pipe as an oasis of compassion and goodness in the world.

It’s also evident in the news we are so pleased to share: India’s daughter, Crystal Water, has agreed to assume the position of Executive Director of the Feathered Pipe Foundation. Crystal’s enthusiastic spirit, unrivaled life experience at the Ranch, fierce work ethic, compassionate temperament, and commitment to the Feathered Pipe’s long-term sustainability make it clear that there is no more perfect fit for this vital leadership role. Frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

Kindly join us in welcoming Crystal. Please take a few moments to read what she has to say about her new role below.

With blessings and thanks for your continued support,

~ The Feathered Pipe Foundation Board — Anne, Neil, Jennifer, Clint, and Angie

A Message from Crystal Water, Feathered Pipe Executive Director:

India Supera & Crystal Water - Feathered Pipe RanchAgainst all odds, India managed to create an incredible path for the Feathered Pipe. No one can fill her shoes, but we can walk in her path, a path we will keep clear and progressing. Just like the trails we clear each year of dead-fall, it will be an ongoing labor of love but so worth it for the experience . . . and the views.

When I was approached by the Feathered Pipe Foundation board to become the new ED, I was not expecting it. I didn’t see what many others thought to be evident. Growing up with my mom as my model, I never thought I could do all the great things that she did, be as fearless and guided by higher consciousness as she was, while having total faith in humanity. A mentor and mother for so many, she brought groups on tours to power points of the world, helped people heal, deal with death and find their direction, welcomed people from all walks of life into our home with open arms, went to the UN as an advocate for women and children, and always over-tipped. The list could go on.

Once I got past the terrible feeling of how my becoming ED inherently meant India was with us no longer, I realized I had been in training for this job my entire life. Starting as a toddler taking registrations over my Fisher-Price Chatter phone (I swear there really were voices on the other end signing up for workshops), growing up amidst inspiring people, participating in ceremonies of many traditions, preparing endless mailings for the Foundation, working at the Ranch, traveling, studying, creating my own businesses, becoming a mother, nursing my mom through her sickness and being with her as she took her last breath. Voila, somehow all of a sudden, I’m ready!

So here I am, committed to carry the Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation long into the future for all of us to continue growing, learning, healing, sharing, loving, and laughing.

How can you follow in the footsteps of Mother Theresa? Really only through “ongoing miracles, crazy wisdom and the greatness that comes from not realizing you are trying to do the impossible.” And this is how I will follow in the footsteps of my mother. That, and keeping the path clear.

(Mom, I want to make you proud.)

Love you always,

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