Turning Towards the Light Within - Feathered Pipe Foundation

Turning Towards the Light Within – Feathered Pipe Foundation

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

~ Albert Camus


Dear Friends,

Winter has settled in for the duration at the Ranch. Temperatures rarely reached zero over the past week, and our local world is covered in a blanket of hushed stillness. Nights seem to stretch as long as a slow-moving summer’s day in Montana.

This time of quiet gestation and hibernation is as necessary for the land as it is for those who dwell on it. It can be a time of profound, slow-motion reset, relishing the quiet, and turning towards the warmth and glow of steady light — whether it’s from a flickering fire in the hearth or the eternal flame inside.

The Welsh poet-playwright wrote of winter days where “in the secret dark a fresh snow falls filling our tracks with stars.” How do we make the most of the imposed tranquility of the ‘secret dark’ of these long, cold, quiet nights?

The Dandelion Effect

Turning Towards the Light Within - Feathered Pipe FoundationIn the spirit of introspection and slowing down, we are honored to share a deep discussion about nonviolent communication and conflict resolution this week on “The Dandelion Effect” podcast. Aimee Ryan has dedicated her life to exploring how we as individuals and communities can implement these valuable methods and tools to better understand one another and communicate what our true needs are. She shares how growing up on the Ranch informed and inspired her desire to serve humanity on the path towards greater peace and understanding. Join us for “Compassionate Communication for Conflict Resolution.”

On a similar note and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to read an incredibly uplifting article on the nature of love and happiness — “The Type of Love That Makes People Happiest.” Life and love are a journey and not a destination.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and may these times bring you to that light and essence within that truly guides the way.


Love & Light,
Feathered Pipe Foundation

*Special thanks to Aimee Ryan and Bodhi for the images!

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