Letting Your Light Shine - Feathered Pipe Foundation

Letting Your Light Shine – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Dear Feathered Pipe Friends,

Greetings from the Feathered Pipe Ranch, where we are in full swing readying to share the summer with you! In the spirit of new green and life renewed, we would like to share an excerpt from the last interview India gave before she lifted off for the next great adventure. We hope it will inspire you to let your light shine.

“I do think the Feathered Pipe Ranch changed the world. I truly believe that. I know if someone put that in a magazine, it may be laughed out of it. But every time someone walks in here for the first time—including me last week when I hadn’t been here in a year—I couldn’t get over the basic beauty of this place. Zane [Williams] has given us the most beautiful pictures of our land, and I always hoped that when people saw those pictures then saw the actual place, they weren’t disappointed. Every time, they say, “It’s prettier than the pictures!”

What people on the outside don’t always see is how we give people jobs to grow at the Ranch. Everyone who works here has been successful, whether they just worked here for a short time or were here for a longer time. Like Danny, who worked here for almost a decade then started Veterans Yoga Project. Some people have told me that this place has saved their lives, that if it weren’t for the Feathered Pipe Community, they wouldn’t have been able to continue on like they did. Most people get stuck in a rut because they never go after what they actually want to do in life, and we try to make this place one where you are always encouraged to be exactly who you are and who you want to be.

A lot of people have tried to start big foundations to fight the government, and I understand having a vision like that, but I think when something gets too big, there’s risk of it starting to waffle. As goofy as the little vision of the Ranch was, we all had foresight that this was worth doing. Even small things have a way of impacting the world—I can be in an airport in India, meet a handful of people and several of them have heard of the Ranch. It’s a ripple effect—and what you do has a direct effect on other people.”

The Dandelion Effect

Letting Your Light Shine - Feathered Pipe FoundationRight on time, Jean Shinoda Bolen, acclaimed author, Jungian analyst and life-long feminist and social justice activist, joins us on the latest episode of The Dandelion Effect podcast. Beginning with her upbringing as a Japanese American during World War II, her first memories of recognizing injustices and privilege, moments of divine connection and humility, the Age of Aquarius and so much more, she enlightens us on the power of the feminine and the possibility of transformation during this liminal space of global pandemic. Join us for Becoming Who You Were Meant to Be.

And oh, what a treasure! Another wonderful addition to the the Feathered Pipe Cookbook series from dear friend and culinary adventurist Allison Radecki, A Plate With Less Meat and a Feathered Pipe Favorite. Enjoy!


Faith and gratitude,
Feathered Pipe Foundation

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