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Inspired at Feathered Pipe – Crystal Water

“An incredible vortex, the Feathered Pipe Ranch, for Native American (traditions), meditations from the Himalayas to meditations from India, all that sort of converging together in this amazing testimony to the human spirit of love.”


~ Rodney Yee

Dear Friends,

There is something truly magical in the unique environment at Feathered Pipe Ranch. The land, the sky, the air, the space and openness, the nature, the energy, and the people unite in a serendipitous way that sparks creativity, vision, and inspiration.

In and out of class, people experience aha moments and become inspired on their life’s journey. The Ranch is a source of inspiration for many to create music, art, or even other nonprofit/humanitarian organizations.

Inspired at Feathered Pipe - InspirationWe are excited to launch the Inspired at Feathered Pipe (a.k.a. inspired@FeatheredPipe) project to highlight and share art, music, photography, poetry, and stories that are created at or inspired by Feathered Pipe Ranch with its vibrant culture and eclectic community.

We will collect and add more posts to the page on an ongoing basis. We’ve started with India’s story (from 2016), Judith Hanson Lasater’s reading of Forest Walk paired with photos from the Ranch, and a special impromptu performance by R. Carlos Nakai and Tsering Lodoe.

Have you been inspired at Feathered Pipe and have something you’d like to share? Please reach out to us at:

The Dandelion Effect

Youth Mental Health - Dandelion EffectThis week on the Dandelion Effect Podcast, Susan Reynolds joins us to talk about the impact of technology on teen mental health. Susan has over 20 years of experience in digital wellbeing, youth leadership and mindfulness. In 2019 she co-founded LookUp to discover, empower, and mobilize youth leaders who are taking action to raise awareness and design a healthier, more inclusive, and responsible digital world.

Susan poses the idea that part of the teenage mental health crisis could also be viewed as somewhat of a spiritual crisis, the longing for true connection that they try to get from the interconnectedness of the internet, yet these avenues are falling short of helping people to feel deeply connected and fulfilled. We invite you to listen to: Advocating For Youth Mental Health.


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

*Feature image credit: Zane Williams

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