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Happy Everything! – Crystal Water

Dear Friends,

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Everything! Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, Ramadan, or just Spring, we are sending our love and gratitude your way.

Spring hasn’t quite arrived yet at the Ranch as we await the melt off, but in Montana it can be typical to go straight from winter into summer.

Thank you to everyone who joined our Zoom event yesterday. It was wonderful to see all your lovely faces and share time with India in memory and story. For those of you who wanted to be present but were not able, please feel free to watch “Story Time with India: The Way of Miracles” here. And to those of you who dreamt about Feathered Pipe with positive intention last night, if anyone has any memorable dreams from this experiment, please share them with us.

The Dandelion Effect

Happy Everything! - Feathered Pipe FoundationAdam Schumaker joins us this week on the Dandelion Effect Podcast for a calming and uplifting conversation. Adam is co-founder of Gray Bear Lodge, a rustic retreat center in Hohenwald, TN, that hosts experiential workshops to promote growth, fulfillment and the joy of learning.

Gray Bear opened in 1996, and the Feathered Pipe Ranch was a big influence on its beginnings, as Adam considered the Ranch one of the “grandfathers of this movement, one of the holders of the seeds.” When he and his partner Diann visited Helena in 1999, India Supera welcomed them with open arms, sharing everything she had learned about running a retreat center—kitchen and cooking details, employee structure, accounting, lodging and more. Adam recalls her saying, “We need places like Gray Bear and the Feathered Pipe. If you’re the generation bringing this up, all the wisdom and all the experience I have, I want to share it with you. Feel free to call any time.” And, he did.

A bit of dandelion effect in action. Join us for this inspiring conversation Nature as the Antidote.


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

*Featured image credits: Zane Williams Photography

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