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Feathered Pipe Retreat Scholarships – Crystal Water

Dear Friends,

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Applications are open from Now until Feb 26, 2023. Thanks to many generous donors, we are honored to offer $30,000 in scholarships to apply towards eight of our 2023 main season retreats!

Scholarships, ranging from $500-$1500 each, apply to a specific workshop, and may not be applied retroactively to existing registrations. Please do consider the full cost including travel to get to Helena, MT before applying. Click here to learn more and apply.

Applicants will be notified by March 10 and will need to register by March 26 in order to accept the award and secure their space. If funds are available after this period, we will open up for another round.

Please help spread the word to anyone interested in coming to Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2023 and in real need of financial assistance.

Dandelion Effect Podcast

Feathered Pipe Retreat Scholarships - Feathered Pipe FoundationDanielle Antelope, Executive Director of FAST Blackfeet, joins us for a truly inspiring conversation on the Dandelion Effect Podcast. FAST Blackfeet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving food security, providing nutrition education, and reclaiming & building food sovereignty within the Blackfeet Nation. Danielle weaves in the important historical and cultural context of food and food sovereignty. And how this connection can bring her people— who have suffered generations of oppression—from despair to hope.

While predominantly active in a small area in Montana, the work they do serves as a model that can be used for positive change worldwide. Beyond the vital tangible of making nutritious and culturally connected food accessible, creating space that nurtures community engagement, empowerment, genuine interactions based on kindness, spiritual connection, and historical healing has an immeasurably beneficial impact on people’s health and happiness.

When we feel a sense of belonging and purpose, have our physical and mental needs met, and can exercise autonomy with respect for our inherent interdependence, life can be so wonderful.

Is that so hard to manifest? When I hear Danielle’s insight coupled with true determination, I have real faith in human potential and believe we can. Enjoy this week’s episode: Reclaiming Indigenous Food Systems.


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

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