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Creating Connections & Community – Crystal Water

Dear Friends,

As we approach the darkest time of the year, it is important to find ways to bring light, energy, meaning, and joy into our lives. Surely this is why we have so many winter traditions in which we come together with family, friends and community, light candles, eat copious amounts of food with loved ones, and promote giving and compassion.

This year amidst the pandemic, these traditions have stayed constant, except with one incredible change. We have removed geographical limitations. Without having to worry about impossible commute times, the internet enables us to meditate with family spread across 5 cities, attend yoga classes with our favorite teacher on the opposite coast, and play a game with nephews in another country. It feels like time travel from the comfort of your own home. We have gotten creative in how we actually can connect and “be” with our community.

Through our Online Workshops & Classes and our podcast The Dandelion Effect, Feathered Pipe Foundation has been developing ways to help our community connect and get inspired in this time of socially-distanced soul searching.

Our Online Community

Creating Connections & Community - Feathered PipeFeathered Pipe’s Online Community provide links to online classes offered by many of our favorite teachers. We hope to join teachers and students through this free networking service. If you are a teacher offering online classes and would like to be included, please contact us. Links back to Feathered Pipe are appreciated for mutual promotion.

To help us through these financially challenging times, some teachers are offering a commission to Feathered Pipe when anyone from our community signs up for their workshops. Upcoming online workshops that financially help support Feathered Pipe are Baxter Bell & Melina Meza’s Yoga for Healthy Aging Immersion (note that you were referred by the Feathered Pipe), January 22 – 24 and 29 – 31, and Lauren Walker’s The Ultimate Manifestation Course: Your Path to Magic and Miracles, starting January 1, 2021.

This Week’s Podcast

In the spirit of creating connections and inspiration, we are pleased to present the third edition of The Dandelion Effect Podcast. In Allison Radecki: For the Love of Food & Community, we discuss simple and creative ways to vote for good, clean and fair food systems. Allison Radecki is a food writer, culinary tour guide and a member of the first graduating class of Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences. Able to converse and share recipes in a range of languages, she has spent her career traveling the world, learning about culture, tradition and people through the lens of food–where it comes from, how it’s grown and by whom it’s prepared. AND one of the places that helped shape her life’s journey is the Feathered Pipe Ranch.

The friendships that have blossomed and the paths many have found through Feathered Pipe are truly amazing. May we continue this tradition and expand it through the modern ability to be borderless and boundless in our connection, learning, and service.


With laughter, light, and love (of food),

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