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Brimful of Gratitude – Crystal Water

Dear Friends,

Brimful is defined as filled with something (good) to the point of overflowing.

As this year rounds out and I reflect on it, I can genuinely say I am Brimful of Gratitude. The past while hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Aside from the lingering bizarre feeling of the pandemic times, several friends have passed away and I’ve had personal, health, and work-related challenges as I know many of us have, but ultimately I feel grateful for it all.

Through experiencing pain and grief, it reminds me about presence and awareness. I pause more often to cherish the small moments, I appreciate my health and try to take better care of myself, I focus on creating balance in daily life, I try to enjoy the challenges as learning and growing opportunities, I take deep breaths, and I feel connected to a big whole (instead of a big hole.)

Right now I’d like to pause to say THANK YOU for being you and being part of the Feathered Pipe community. I’m grateful that together we are a part of this whole, manifesting a supportive world of abundance, love, and integrity. The exponential power of this type of teamwork and unity is pretty amazing.

May we all be present together in this moment to feel the love and gratitude of interconnectedness flow.

Calling all Favorite Feathered Pipe Photos of 2022

Brimful of Gratitude - Feathered Pipe FoundationAt Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2022… Did you rub elbows with a moose or meditate with Chapati the very friendly bird? Did you say “I do” or see an awe-inspiring view? Did you eat something incredible, laugh with friends, or dance in the rain?….And capture that moment in a photo?

For our annual online LOVEfest and FUNdraiser on Dec 17, 2022—please save the date—we are compiling a slideshow to share and celebrate the Best of 2022 @ FPR. We thought it would be fun to crowdsource some photos from all of you and get the insider’s view of your top moments.

If you have a beautiful photo or two you’d like to share of your favorite photo-captured moment of 2022 at Feathered Pipe Ranch, please email to for consideration in the slideshow by Dec 8. Please feel free to include any sweet backstories that go along with it for our entertainment.

Thank you and hope to see you next summer!


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

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