Supporting the Dream: Friends of Feathered Pipe

We welcome you to be part of the spirit of the Feathered Pipe!

We are a registered US non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; your donation, of any size, allows the local and global service work at the core of our mission to thrive. Continuing financial support plays an essential part in our local and global humanitarian work – and also ensures that the Feathered Pipe Ranch remains a sacred sanctuary to cultivate the very best in the human heart.

Currently we have a number of incentives and projects in process:

— To continue this work and enable us to grow the service programs at the heart of our mission, we need to raise $60,000. This will allow us to successfully complete this year and finish projects that must be done this fall, including a new water system ($25,000) from the reservoir to the main lodge area buildings. (Our water pipes are 70 years old!)

— Building upon Feathered Pipe Foundation and Veterans Yoga Project‘s relationships and success of this year’s VYP Summit and pro bono Montana Veterans retreat, we are planning to offer three veterans’ retreats next year, one for men, one for women and one for both genders. For the first time, women will have a workshop without men, and men without women, which we hope will make it easier for participants to share openly about their experiences of abuse. (We hope to raise enough to take veterans from outside Montana for the first time!) We can contemplate this expansion in part because we had such great support from Montana businesses and Veterans organizations this year.

The Feathered Pipe Scholarship Fund continues to serve a vital role in assisting those who have the intention and heart but may not have the financial ability to afford participating in a Feathered Pipe retreat. We believe that the best way to create the sustainable and cooperative communities we dream of starts with the individual. In 2018 we intend to give $4500 in partial scholarships.

— We are continuing to fund raise for Jan Lovett and Lillian Michalsky’s memorial garden, which is being constructed near the labyrinth and newly completed stone entrance gate. We will create a stone path using bricks with people’s names and a quote on each of them. We hope to sell 100 bricks for $150 each. The money from this fundraiser will go to beautify and maintain both gardens and the flower beds around the lodge and chalet.

As always, our donors made all the difference in our ability to pursue our mission. With your help we finished the labyrinth gate, made great progress on the labyrinth gardens, re-roofed all the main buildings, brought the main garden back to vibrant life, and hosted the fabulous Veterans Retreat, our pro bono workshop for Montana Vets. We did all this while continuing to pay down the sizable old debt.

Donating is fast, easy, and secure.  Select your preferred option:  either a one-time donation or an automatic recurring donation (you can cancel this at any time by contacting us). Define the amount and make sure you fill in the description box with which program you wish your donation to go towards. And in advance, please accept our deep gratitude for your support.

If you prefer to send a check or money order, please make it out (with desired program you wish the donation to go towards noted) to: Feathered Pipe Foundation and send to P.O. Box 1682, Helena MT 59264.

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