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A Quiet Yoga Revolution: Q&A with J. Brown

J. Brown shares details of how his personal practice has evolved over the years, the challenges of being a yoga teacher in today’s consumer-driven landscape and the yoga industry as a microcosm for a greater paradigm shift in the U.S. and throughout the world. READ MORE

Beginner’s Mind – Gernot Huber

Do you ever feel like your practice has become routine? Are you convinced you have figured out exactly how you like to practice? Are you now taking poses for granted that you couldn't do a year or two ago? Do you keep obsessing over the same limitations, the same frustrations in your practice? READ MORE

Asana for the Ages – Marla Apt

Imagine practicing the same sequence for a lifetime. Senior Intermediate level Iyengar Yoga instructor Marla Apt was asked to suggest one set of poses you could do for decades, with modifications to honor the changes in energy and ability you’ll encounter at different times. READ MORE

Interdependence & Equanimity : An Interview with Baxter Bell & Melina Meza

Baxter Bell and Melina Meza share their stories of how they discovered yoga and Ayurveda, what inspires them to continue their work and how we can use yoga tools to prolong our health. They will be leading a retreat—Playing Between the Opposites—at Feathered Pipe Ranch from June 30 to July 7. READ MORE

Why We Need Gentle Yoga – Lanita Varshell

A beautiful larger woman, somewhere in her 50's, walked into my center today with her friend. I could tell that she was apprehensive walking in the door, but when she saw me, a well-rounded 50+ year-young teacher and the Studio owner, she relaxed a little. The story she told me is similar what I have heard from hundreds of women in the last 15 years... READ MORE

Summer of ’75: Our Beginnings – India Supera

Today I want to talk about our humble beginnings in 1975. We started the summer with just the group of us, Laughing Water, Tom Ryan, Heidi Goldman, William Staniger (later Golden), Janice Paulsen and myself who had big ideas, little money and no work. READ MORE

Nurturing Our Divine Connection – Nat Kendall

For years now, I’ve been trying to find a way to express what the practice of Bhakti means to me. I wish it was just a simple sentence that we could wrap a bow around and say “this is Bhakti.” But it’s not that easy, so we start here and look at it’s beginning. READ MORE

Coming Home to the Feeling of You – Alie McManus

So much about Feathered Pipe is calling to me: I love the experience of being immersed in the natural world. I love traveling to new places. I love the practice of Yoga, and more specifically, the practice of Freedom Yoga, which has a long and wondrous history at Feathered Pipe. READ MORE

Mercy and Mindfulness: Sneak Peek into the Mindful Unplug – Anne Jablonski

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in bringing the principles of mindfulness to a broad audience by integrating what he learned from his Buddhist studies with science, said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” READ MORE

Freedom Yoga: Freedom Love – Jennifer Willis

Do you remember the first time Erich put on the music and suggested that you just “wait until the inner feeling says go, and then go.”? I do, I was terrified. Now, 15 years later, that’s the heart of my practice and my teaching, and I can’t imagine doing it any other way—for the practice teaches that our truest teacher resides within each of us, and ultimately the human teacher’s job is to help us to birth that insight. READ MORE

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