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Share the Feathered Pipe Spirit – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Just a quick reminder that we are still fulfilling orders for our selection of uncommon gifts to share with family and friends during the holidays. Orders will be shipped direct to your door in time to share the spirit of the Feathered Pipe! READ MORE

Emulating the Qualities of Water – Shannon Stephens

Water can take on many forms. It’s a powerful force that exhibits its strength in ocean tides, rapids, and waterfalls. Sometimes it’s totally still; so undisturbed that its surface perfectly mirrors the world above it. It flows into crevasses, pours into canyons, and drips into caverns. It’s dark and mysterious, reaching to depths we cannot go. READ MORE

Spread Your Wings: Bringing Balance into the Front and Back Body – Gernot Huber

Collapsing the back ribs in order to expand the front of the ribcage is a clear case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, so this week I want to emphasize how to engage the upper back without causing it to cave in. The analogy I want to use is spreading your wings, and I want you to think of your wings as the lower shoulder blades and the back ribs below the scapulas. READ MORE

The Raspberry Jam Effect – Anne Jablonski

These are times of wildfires, hurricanes, and political chaos unfolding alongside the spellbinding glitter of autumn’s incandescent colors and unfathomably beautiful Beethoven symphonies. Where do we put our attention? How do we unmask the courage to get through these times, engage in meaningful social action, and claim the calm inside the hurricane’s eye? READ MORE

Fatigue Relief: Bolsters, Blankets, Blocks & Belts – Marla Apt

Too tired. For many it’s the default response to every request—even the fun ones. Some of the walking weary are simply too overworked or overstressed to get adequate rest, while others may feel drained by a physical ailment, a psychological condition, or the side effects of medication. Whatever the cause, all can benefit from the respite that a restorative yoga practice provides. READ MORE

Rediscovering Balance and Joy – Andy Vantrease

As a city boy, Brown admittedly wasn’t sure what to expect for his first retreat, yet signs continued to confirm the calling to Montana. “I was doing a podcast with Erich Schiffmann and mentioned to him that I had been contacted by the Feathered Pipe Ranch,” says Brown. “He basically said – ‘You have to go. Don’t ask questions, just go.” READ MORE

The Principles and Practice of Yoga Nidra – Richard Miller, PhD

Yoga Nidra is derived from the ancient Tantric Shastras, and forms a complete program of deep relaxation, intensive Self-inquiry and profound meditation. During Yoga Nidra we carefully and systematically investigate the nature of the structures and beliefs that define our personal identity. READ MORE

All These Years Together – Judith Hanson Lasater

Anyone who has heard about the Feathered Pipe Ranch has heard about what a special place it is. I loved it from the first time I taught there, in 1975. In those days Montana was a lot more “exotic.” And a “yoga workshop” was just plain weird. READ MORE

Laughing Water – India Supera

Laughing Water, who was still known at the time as Paul Superak, was originally brought to the Ranch by Judith and Ike Lasater as LW and she had been roommates in college. He came as the cook for the first real workshop in 1975, which featured Judith Lasater, Gisele Fitch, and Felicity Hall who is now known as Felicity Green. READ MORE

Pure Gold: Heidi Goldman & Tom Ryan – India Supera

In my whole life I never saw anyone as skilled as Tom. Still my gold standard. He was older and had done everything from serving in the US Navy to cutting hair. With Tom’s arrival we had almost all the talent to make the ranch work. I have no idea why everyone who came was willing to take on such a difficult assignment as working at the ranch. But we have always said that only the craziest among us stayed on. READ MORE

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