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Creating a Framework for Freedom – Marla Apt

When we lack clarity in our boundaries with others, we oftentimes become inwardly rigid with fear because all interactions become a minefield of unknown possibilities. As ironic as it may sound, practicing disciplines that read like rules and behavioral restrictions can set us free. Developing a firmness and clarity in our actions and reactions allows us to be fluid, creative, and truly in the moment. READ MORE

“Just Enough to Mail” and Other Christmas Miracles – India Supera

The Feathered Pipe Ranch has, from the very beginning, been run by way of miracles. When we first started, two of the original staff members were astrologers and they loved running everything we did by the moon. We would never mail during the Moon’s Void-of-Course. READ MORE

Compassion in Action: Meet Dennis Lyons

We are in awe of the amazing, talented, and generous-of-heart guests who come to the Feathered Pipe Ranch and return to the world rippling compassion in action in their own communities. One such guest is Dennis Lyons from Venice, California. We are so incredibly inspired by the selfless work he is doing in his community bringing trauma-informed yoga to the in-recovery world. READ MORE

Home on the Ranch: A Homage to the Feathered Pipe Ranch – Andy Vantrease

Since 1975, Supera has built the ranch into a sacred space where people can come to get quiet, drop into their true selves and be inspired by the natural world. With help from a core group of intellectuals, artists, yoga teachers, and other kindred spirits, the Feathered Pipe Ranch became one of the most sought after retreats centers in America. READ MORE

System Reboot, Anyone? – Anne Jablonski

We’re so continually connected to online media these days that it’s almost unconscious. After all, what are you doing right now? Far too many of us, too much of the time, use technology un-consciously. It’s snuck up on us non-digital natives, hasn’t it? READ MORE

Give me some Shanti – Crystal Water

Jaipur, India – 2004. While it has been popular for thousands of years in the east, it is just over the past few decades that yoga has busted its asana into the Occidental world. It’s gone from being a fringe movement of far-out hippies to mainstream-totally-hip. In this action-packed and fast-moving world, more and more people are experiencing how yoga and meditation can change their life and bring peace of mind. READ MORE

Freedom Yoga: Family Love – Jennifer Willis

It was 2001 and I had been practicing yoga for several years. My beloved yoga teacher was going on an extended vacation. I was bummed. At the last class before her departure she handed me a VHS tape and said “I know you don’t like doing yoga videos, but try this one—I have a feeling you will like it.” READ MORE

Laughing Water – India Supera

Laughing Water, who was still known at the time as Paul Superak, was originally brought to the ranch by Judith and Ike Lasater as LW and she had been roommates in college. He came as the cook for the first real workshop in 1975, which featured Judith Lasater, Gisele Fitch, and Felicity Hall who is now known as Felicity Green. READ MORE

Pure Gold: Heidi Goldman & Tom Ryan – India Supera

That first summer was very eventful. The ranch seemed like the most beautiful place in the world. Many of our Sai Baba friends stopped by and we tried our best to maintain the beauty. All of us were from working class backgrounds no matter our levels of education – everyone got up and did chores. But our skill level was questionable and this was an estate that took more to maintain than our families earned annually. READ MORE

Summer of ’75: Our Beginnings – India Supera

Today I want to talk about our humble beginnings in 1975. We started the summer with just the group of us, Laughing Water, Tom Ryan, Heidi Goldman, William Staniger (later Golden), Janice Paulsen and myself who had big ideas, little money and no work. READ MORE

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