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Going Deeper: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Marla Apt

So often in your practice, you’ll feel a craving for deep sensation, like that of a cat luxuriating in its morning stretch. Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-of-the-Knee Pose) is one of those asanas that can inspire this desire, and if you practice with a focus on stretching, the pose can definitely provide a great deal of sensation. READ MORE

All These Years Together – Judith Hanson Lasater

Anyone who has heard about the Feathered Pipe Ranch has heard about what a special place it is. I loved it from the first time I taught there, in 1975. In those days Montana was a lot more “exotic.” And a “yoga workshop” was just plain weird. READ MORE

What Matters Most – Feathered Pipe Foundation

We can forget in the midst of all the noise, static, and unending busy-ness the true value of time, space, and place this world offers us for respite and rejuvenation. Those of you who found your way to the Ranch for the first time this past summer affirmed the Ranch's unique magic for healing and awakening even the most burdened and tired spirit. READ MORE

Why Every Veteran Should Go On Veteran Retreat (Even If You Don’t Want To)

Before you write me off as a peace-loving hippie, let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. I am a third generation Soldier from Boston, whose sarcasm only intensified with a 12 month deployment to Helmand Province and one of my fellow platoon leaders appropriately nicknamed me “No Brakes Courtney”. READ MORE

Synchronized Swinging and ‘Odd Sympathy’ – Anne Jablonski

A friend recently shared a nugget of advice she’d read online, aimed at those prone to discouragement and despair about the world’s crazy-scary state. For anyone overwhelmed by the contrast between the immensity of the problems and the realistic measure of any one individual’s capacity to influence them. Her counsel? READ MORE

Genesis 1972: Feathered Pipe Beginnings – India Supera

During the first summer I spent at the ranch in 1972, when Jermain Duncan was still alive and before we found out how sick she was, we took a trip to California. During that trip, I actually visited the ranch that Dr. Andrew Weil later bought. Our plan was to go to Arizona to look for another property so we could have our think tank year-round. READ MORE

The Last Pilgrimage: Into the Light- VJ Supera

There is a mountain in western Tibet that stands alone in all its sacred glory.  The Hindus call it Mt. Kailas.  The Tibetans call it Kang Rinpoche, “the precious one of ice.”  This mountain represents The Almighty in concrete form, and man in his impermanence.  Its perpetually snow-clad peak rises 22,028 ft into the air.  People do not climb this mountain for that would show disrespect and anger the gods who dwell there. READ MORE

Being Real: An Interview with Carie Garrett

When we trust ourselves enough to bravely be who we are and let ourselves be seen, something really powerful and transformative happens which is healing for us, personally, and actually for the whole world, collectively. The world is in need of our gifts and what each of us has to offer. READ MORE

Coming Home: A Conversation with Judith & Lizzie Lasater

Kick back and relax as you “listen” in on a delightful conversation about what it is that makes Feathered Pipe Ranch the special place people have returned to year after year for more than four decades. Longtime Ranch friend and teacher Judith Hanson Lasater and her daughter Lizzie Lasater, who will both be teaching workshops this summer, share the colorful threads of their stories and teaching with Feathered Pipe Founder and Executive Director, India Supera. READ MORE

A Quiet Yoga Revolution: Q&A with J. Brown

J. Brown shares details of how his personal practice has evolved over the years, the challenges of being a yoga teacher in today’s consumer-driven landscape and the yoga industry as a microcosm for a greater paradigm shift in the U.S. and throughout the world. READ MORE

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