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Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece – Lanita Varshell

And there it is, attached to my tea bag. So simple, and so true. I did not go searching for the secret of life, as I did when I was younger. I was invited to experience something new. A new location, and a new type of tea, and I accepted. I was given a simple bag of soothing herbal tea, and the message found me. READ MORE

Healing Ourselves and the Planet: An Interview with Brooke Medicine Eagle & Linda Heron Wind

As women, we possess enormous magic; the ability to have life come through our bodies is immense, and as a society, we haven’t been taught to embrace or tap into that power. There are wonderful Native teachings about the power around our moon time, our menstrual time, that woman feel and begin to understand once they’re taught. READ MORE

Creating a Framework for Freedom – Marla Apt

Whether it’s a comment from a stranger, a car cutting you off on the road or an injury, the smallest swipe can throw us off our center. Oftentimes, we feel the need for a protective sheath to shield us from the unknown. The first two limbs of astanga yoga offers us a guide for how to create healthy boundaries without hardening ourselves. READ MORE

An Invitation to Immerse within the Divine – Alie McManus

As many of you know, these days in my yoga practice and in my life I’m really working on cultivating my relationship with myself, and being my own B.F.F. It’s a conscious intention. In doing that, when I’m clear and having a true experience of Yoga, I’m cultivating my relationship with what I like to call the “divine within and the Divine without.” READ MORE

What does it mean to be “Good at Yoga”? – Gernot Huber

Let me throw out something potentially controversial: “Excelling at the physical practice of asana actually is a detriment in the quest to deepen your yoga practice.” That is not to say that you shouldn’t practice advanced asanas. But what determines whether your advanced asana practice is beneficial to your growth depends on what is going on in your head when you do it. READ MORE

Setting Your Foundation – Gernot Huber

Good alignment and balance in yoga poses depend on a solid foundation. In yoga, we consider the foundation to be whatever parts of the body are in contact with the ground. When engaging into any pose, we need to start by creating this contact consciously and by placing our body parts on the ground with precision and awareness. READ MORE

Love is the Circle – Brooke Medicine Eagle

LOVE isn’t an action or an attitude, like “being nice”.  It is the energy of Creator and creation – the energetic matrix of which we are made. In contrast, emotions come from a small part of our brain – the mid or mammalian brain. Yes, there are certainly emotions and physical feelings which arise with focus on Loving, but they are not the Love itself. READ MORE

Cultivating Balance: An Interview with Routed Connection

This is your vacation, time to get away from your day-to-day, your hustles, your stresses. We want to hold space for you. We offer guidelines and a schedule if you want those things. But you can create your own retreat. You can come to Feathered Pipe to be outside, to hike, to eat some great food and sit in Adirondack chairs and look at the water. You can be.as active or as slow as you want to be. READ MORE

Mercy and Mindfulness: Sneak Peek into the Mindful Unplug – Anne Jablonski

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in bringing the principles of mindfulness to a broad audience by integrating what he learned from his Buddhist studies with science, said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” READ MORE

How Your Breath Affects Your Nervous System – Baxter Bell, MD

It turns out the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that connects brain to body is a two-way street. If I am anxious and nervous or stressed out by events in my life or simply the thoughts about those events, my brain, via the nerves of the ANS, will likely turn on the Sympathetic part of that system... READ MORE

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