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Disengaging Inquiry from Achievement – Gernot Huber

Why practice difficult asanas, if the practice of yoga is to be something other than an ego-driven, goal-oriented endeavor? Because in the act of doing something we don't know how to do, we are forced to become more present in the moment, and gain an opportunity to break out of our habitual and unconscious patterns. READ MORE

Hip Alignment for Healthier Hips and Spine, and for Increased Serenity – Gernot Huber

Hip alignment can be challenging—perhaps more so than the alignment of any other joint in the body—because of tightness of the ligaments that support the joint, and tightness in the muscles that articulate the hips. While none of our joints are as flexible as they were when we were infants, the hips typically lose a greater percentage of their range of motion over time than any other joint in our bodies. READ MORE

Waking to the Unseen – India Supera

I have always believed that the more clearly we see reality in all its complexity and depth, the better our lives will be. Shamans teach through ceremonies and dreams. Their work purifies us so that we can enter deeply into the moment, and actually see and feel the unseen things around us. READ MORE

In Search of: Returning to the Feathered Pipe – Andy Vantrease

Illness has a way of awakening you. It invites you to experience life stripped down; to surrender, as your outward identity is pulled from under you. It eliminates hobbies, work, travel, comfort, socialization, and replaces these with the bare essentials, an aloneness that is terrifying to face in a world where most meaning is derived from outside sources. READ MORE

Balancing Power and Refinement – Gernot Huber

Most of us have a tendency to work too hard in yoga at least some of the time in an effort to try to force improvement in our practice. However, over-efforting is counterproductive because it increases the likelihood of injury and thwarts our enjoyment of the present moment, which in turn impedes our ability to practice awareness with serenity. READ MORE

Does Perfect Alignment Exist? – Gernot Huber

Because of my belief in the importance of alignment, this is a question I have actually spent quite a bit of time thinking about, and I feel like I am getting closer to an answer. And as always, the more I refine the answer, the more nuanced it gets. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Magic: Summer Retreat Scholarships Available

We had just finished dinner this evening after a sudden wind and rainstorm swept across what was azure blue sky and bright yellow sun. Stepping out onto the damp, green lawn we looked up to see the most vivid double rainbow encircling the the main lodge and the verdant hills behind. READ MORE

Generating Joy – Gernot Huber

Research has shown that happy emotions contribute to long-term wellbeing. But none of us wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed everyday. So how do you generate joy when you don't already feel joyful? One answer of course is yoga. READ MORE

Ranch Sacred Space, Our Shared Healing Grace – India Supera

During the last three weeks, I feel like I watched every blade of grass turn green. Yesterday started with 80-degree weather, transitioned into a hail storm, and then a hard rain came and turned back to sunshine. It all reminded me of why I live in Montana. READ MORE

Setting the Foundation – Gernot Huber

Good alignment and balance in yoga poses depend on a solid foundation. In yoga, we consider the foundation to be whatever parts of the body are in contact with the ground. When engaging into any pose, we need to start by creating this contact consciously and by placing our body parts on the ground with precision and awareness. READ MORE

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