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The Breath is Enough – Gernot Huber

What makes yoga such a powerfully positive practice for both body and mind? The focus on the breath, which has the power to affect both mind and body, and to bring them into greater harmony. And when mind and body are in harmony, to paraphrase Fritjof Capra, spirit emerges. READ MORE

It’s the Journey, Not the Destination – Gernot Huber

Yoga for most of us is a journey towards increased awareness and acceptance of the way things are. But letting go of our future-focused, goal-oriented mindset is a long journey, where we frequently find ourselves, like a mountaineer on a slope of loose rocks, taking two steps forward only to slide back one. READ MORE

Going Deeper: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Marla Apt

So often in your practice, you’ll feel a craving for deep sensation, like that of a cat luxuriating in its morning stretch. Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-of-the-Knee Pose) is one of those asanas that can inspire this desire, and if you practice with a focus on stretching, the pose can definitely provide a great deal of sensation. READ MORE

Learning the Art of Undoing – Gernot Huber

When we want to get something done, we generally assume we need to ‘do’ something. When we decide to move our body, we assume that such movement is the result of muscle contraction. This statement seems so obvious that you might wonder why I bother stating it. The reason is that it is wrong, and it is wrong because it ignores one half of the movement equation. READ MORE

The Foundation of Transformation – Brooke Medicine Eagle

I’ve spent my life searching for ways to transform the old negative patterns and craziness that was picked up by most of us in our childhoods. I think of a New Yorker cartoon showing a huge auditorium with a banner “People with Totally Happy Childhoods”. There are 3 people among the many hundreds of empty seats!  READ MORE

Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece – Lanita Varshell

And there it is, attached to my tea bag. So simple, and so true. I did not go searching for the secret of life, as I did when I was younger. I was invited to experience something new. A new location, and a new type of tea, and I accepted. I was given a simple bag of soothing herbal tea, and the message found me. READ MORE

Healing Ourselves and the Planet: An Interview with Brooke Medicine Eagle & Linda Heron Wind

As women, we possess enormous magic; the ability to have life come through our bodies is immense, and as a society, we haven’t been taught to embrace or tap into that power. There are wonderful Native teachings about the power around our moon time, our menstrual time, that woman feel and begin to understand once they’re taught. READ MORE

Creating a Framework for Freedom – Marla Apt

Whether it’s a comment from a stranger, a car cutting you off on the road or an injury, the smallest swipe can throw us off our center. Oftentimes, we feel the need for a protective sheath to shield us from the unknown. The first two limbs of astanga yoga offers us a guide for how to create healthy boundaries without hardening ourselves. READ MORE

An Invitation to Immerse within the Divine – Alie McManus

As many of you know, these days in my yoga practice and in my life I’m really working on cultivating my relationship with myself, and being my own B.F.F. It’s a conscious intention. In doing that, when I’m clear and having a true experience of Yoga, I’m cultivating my relationship with what I like to call the “divine within and the Divine without.” READ MORE

What does it mean to be “Good at Yoga”? – Gernot Huber

Let me throw out something potentially controversial: “Excelling at the physical practice of asana actually is a detriment in the quest to deepen your yoga practice.” That is not to say that you shouldn’t practice advanced asanas. But what determines whether your advanced asana practice is beneficial to your growth depends on what is going on in your head when you do it. READ MORE

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