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Fatigue Relief: Bolsters, Blankets, Blocks & Belts – Marla Apt

Why not a vigorous practice? When someone is deeply fatigued, a dynamic practice, like a double espresso, can be depleting, despite its initial invigorating jolt. Restorative yoga, on the other hand, soothes the senses, so they stop urging the mind and nervous system to react and instead turn their attention inward. READ MORE

Onward, Always Onward – India Supera

Before the election, cut wood, carry water; After the election, cut wood, carry water. We have always had a big dream - to help change society for the better. The scope of our dreams and visions encompasses the world. Our work of educating leaders is more important than ever. We are in this for the long haul and your role as a partner in this work has been essential. READ MORE

Asana for the Ages – Marla Apt

Imagine practicing the same sequence for a lifetime. Senior Intermediate level Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher Marla Apt was asked to suggest one set of poses you could do for decades, with modifications to honor the changes in energy and ability you’ll encounter at different times. READ MORE

The Good We All Create! – India Supera

I am always amazed by the spirit of generosity that is so strong at the Feathered Pipe. First, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our summer fundraising. Donations of full scholarships for young people, donations for ranch maintenance, support for our work with Veterans, all speak to the generosity of our friends. READ MORE

The Whole Enchilada: Baxter Bell & Melina Meza at the Ranch

One of the things I love about our Whole Enchilada week (this is our 3rd and final time doing it) is that each year it is different enough that past attendees get to experience and learn something new, and people who are coming for the first time also get so much out of our time together. READ MORE

Happy Independence Day! – Feathered Pipe Foundation

We are moving into the heart of the summer season here at the Ranch, and so far the programs have been incredible with the vibrancy and new green of the land grounding and inspiring all who have come to rest, rejuvenate, celebrate and dream life anew. READ MORE

Rain, Sleet or Snow: Summer is almost underway

I am so happy to report that we have already taken in $18,000 for the Raise the Roofs Campaign. That means that we still have $7,000 in matching funds left so if anyone wants to give any portion of this last bit, we’d be grateful. We’d love to see this last $7,000 come in. READ MORE

Death & Transformation – India Supera

After Lillian Michalsky and Jan Lovetts’ deaths, I wanted to put out a letter on death and dying but in writing it I discovered that I have no answers, only questions. And certainly no wise words or deep understanding. I came to a deep conclusion: I wished I knew now about death and dying what I felt I knew when I was 20. So instead of giving advice I will tell stories. READ MORE

One Last Special Round-Up: Jean Shinoda Bolen at the Feathered Pipe

I wanted to write and let you know that this is probably Jean and my last workshop at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Jean and I have worked together for more than thirty years. We will continue to work together on our United Nations work and whatever other wonderful things show up as our assignments, as Jean would say. We would love for you to join us, to help create and bless the memorial gardens. READ MORE

Surrender & Silence: Journey to the Center of You

“By drawing our senses of perception inward, we are able to experience the control, silence, and quietness of the mind.”

~BKS Iyengar

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