Empowerment Camp 2013: Waking the Inner Teacher


Michael Lennox, PhD, Julie Daley & Karen Chrappa
June 15, 2013 - June 21, 2013
Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana


2013 Empowerment Camp Information Call ~ with master guides Dr. Michael Lennox, Julie Daley & Karen Chrappa


Within each of us is an inner teacher fully dedicated to supporting our well being and guiding us to live a masterful and spirited life. This teacher has many expressions: it lives in the body, whispers in dreams, and flows with the intelligence of the emotions.

Empowerment Camp 2013 is an opportunity to wholeheartedly tap into this source and connect to the divine wisdom within you, awakening the guru of your heart and learn its language. Three masterful guides have been invited this year to lead you on a journey through the inner landscape, to help you know and experience the presence of the inner teacher for yourself.

Michael Lennox, PhD brings his vast knowledge of the unconscious world and dream space, teaching you how to mine the treasures buried in your dreams.  Whether they are the mysterious phenomenon of your sleep world or the aspirational visions of your waking life, dreams can offer your life purpose, direction and meaning. Any time you can sit with others in a Dream Circle where dreams are woven together within a community setting, extraordinary things happen.  In the spaciousness of the Feathered Pipe setting, Michael helps you learn to lift the veil giving access to the powerful messages your dreams carry.

Julie Daley knows the wisdom, experience and joy that comes from deep embodiment and trusting the sacred intelligence of the body.  She draws  from many years of her own wisdom work and her work with hundreds of  clients from around the world as a teacher and coach of creativity. Throughout the week, she invites the inner teacher to arise by  engaging the  body in movement and exploration, using guided visualization and meditation  to tap into into its vast wisdom. The sacred relationship your body has  with the earth is affirmed and strengthened as you become more connected to  the interior world. The  spaciousness and natural beauty of the Ranch  landscape offers the ideal setting to contact the direct experience of the  sacredness of being human on this earth. You come to know more fully the  infinite capacity of Source and deepen your trust in it.

Karen Chrappa shares her firsthand wisdom of the power of a daily spiritual practice – a place to quiet down, to go within and to listen to the voice waiting to be heard. During this retreat, you undertake the quest of designing your own infrastructure of support to invite your inner teacher to occupy a substantial and meaningful presence in your life. Karen takes you through a process of discernment through a variety of practices for the body and soul, including breath-infused yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying, ritual and ceremony, all calling forth the wisdom and knowing within you.

At Empowerment Camp 2013, you learn how to call on body, breath, heart, and the world of dreams to awaken the always-present guru in yourself. This time in community, surrounded by the abiding and gentle beauty of the Ranch is a gift to yourself of discovery, of listening, and learning to trust the authentic expression of your inner teacher.

About Michael Lennox:

Psychologist, Astrologer and Dream Expert Dr. Michael Lennox has been helping people have a deeper understanding of their unconscious mind for almost twenty years. In workshops, in the media, for private clientele and on the internet via his popular website www.michaellennox.com, he guides people through life’s mysteries with a deep and profound wisdom delivered through a humorous and extemporaneous style that has become his trademark.

A highly sought-after media expert, Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally by millions of viewers on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team with Annabelle and Michael, for which he filmed 65 episodes beginning in January 2003. Since then he has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues as well as on the radio talking about the power of dreams.

He obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School. His second book, Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream was published by Llewellyn Worldwide Press in 2011. An Internet staple, Lennox hosts a weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio; Dream Interpretation with Dr. Michael Lennox. He leads workshops and retreats around the country and conducts a worldwide private practice based in Southern California.

LEARN MORE ABOUT MICHAEL: www.dreaminginterpretation.com

About Julie Daley:

Julie_ Daley_1x1Julie Daley is a teacher, coach and writer who works with clients in the area of creativity, leadership and embodiment. She is a certified Creativity in Business teacher, and teaches this course at Stanford University Continuing Studies. Her work varies with each community and setting, from one-on-one to groups and businesses. She received her coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and has been credentialed by the International Coach Federation.

Julie has studied and worked with top teachers and trainers (including Andrew Harvey, Adyashanti, Lynn Barron) from around the world. With them and others, she has undertaken rich dives and explorations in emotional intelligence, conscious embodiment, spontaneous awakening, the sacred feminine, healing the pain of the past, and disconnecting from negative conditioning. She brings this wisdom and experience to her clients as she helps them connect to the divinity within and to bring this creative sacredness into form. She has also coached people directly impacted by 9/11, guiding them through the healing process.  She is currently based in San Francisco.

LEARN MORE ABOUT JULIE: www.unabashedlyfemale.com

About Karen Chrappa:

Karen Chrappa’s life has been dedicated to mastering the art and science of healing, beginning with her roots in physical therapy 25 years ago. She is the author of A Structure for Spirit: A Guidebook to Create A Daily Spiritual Practice inspired by her own dedicated practice over the past 15 years.

Karen works in both the visible realms of form and the invisible realms of spirit, helping people embody their sacred essence. She weaves together the intuitive dance of Thai Massage, studying both in the US and Thailand, with the earth based medicine of Shamanism. She has studied extensively with master shamans of Q’ero in the mountains of Peru and with Dr. Alerberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. She continues her travels to Peru to awaken the sacred feminine through ongoing work and study with the Q’eros with her ayllu, or tribe, the Bouquet of Light.

LEARN MORE ABOUT KAREN: www.karenchrappa.com


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